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Book Project


Seo, H. (2022). Networked Collective Actions: The Making of an Impeachment. Oxford University Press. 

Journal Articles/Book Chapters

Ittefaq, M., Ahmad, T., Kamboh, S.A., Shah, S.F.A., & Seo, H. (2024). Highlighting heroes and ignoring villains: Visual framing of polio and polio vaccine in newspapersHealth Communication

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Seo, H., Liu, Y., Ittefaq, M., Shayesteh, F., Kamanga, U. & Baines, A. (2022). International migrants and COVID-19 vaccinations: Social media, motivated information management & vaccination willingness. Digital Health.​

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Reports, Proceedings & Other Publications

Billionniere, E., Rahman, F., Brown, Q., and Seo, H. (2020, March). Role of Academia to Create Re-entry Pathways in Computing. In Proceedings of the 5th IEEE International Conference on Research on Equity and Sustained Participation in Engineering, Computing, and Technology (RESPECT ’20). 


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Seo, H., contributor, the 2017 edition of Freedom of the Press.

Seo, H., contributor, the 2016 edition of Freedom of the Press.

Seo, H., contributor, the 2015 edition of Freedom of the Press.

Seo, H., contributor, the 2014 edition of Freedom of the Press. Freedom House.

Seo, H., contributor, the 2013 edition of Freedom of the Press. Freedom House.


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Seo, H., contributor, the 2012 edition of Freedom of the Press. Freedom House.


Thorson, S., & Seo, H. (December 2011). Academics suggest science diplomacy strategy with North Korea. Across the Aisle, the bipartisan foreign policy and national security blog of the Partnership for a Secure America (PSA). Also featured in the PSA This Month


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Seo, H. (2008). Controversy on coverage of North Korea. Nuclear Nonproliferation Review, 15(2), 129.

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